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Jewelry repair is what’s kept Kirk & Company Jewelers in business for over 30 years. We have professional goldsmiths, engravers, and diamond setters on-site. Jewelry repairs are done in-house, so your jewelry does not leave our shop. We will always explain to you exactly what needs to be done to your piece of jewelry when you bring it in and get your final approval before starting any repairs. Most jewelry repairs take about two weeks.

Ring Sizing

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Shank Repair

Tip/Prong Repair

Common Jewelry Repairs

Polishing & Plating

With time and wear, jewelry loses its original sparkle and shine. Oftentimes simply cleaning it, retightening all the gemstones, and polishing will make it look like new again. White gold jewelry is usually plated with rhodium, a metal in the platinum family. It wears off after a few years of constant use and the gold can start to have a yellow tint. Re-plating it with rhodium will give it its original bright white finish.

Most of the time, we can polish and rhodium plate a ring the same day you bring it in. You’re welcome to contact us to see if we’re available for same day services before you bring it in.

Jewelry Appraisal

We no longer provide appraisals for client-owned jewelry pieces.

We are able to to provide jewelry appraisals for our brand new custom jewelry designs through for an additional fee.

Instappraise stores the appraisal digitally, allows you to send the appraisal directly to your insurance provider and gives you a true retail replacement value if your jewelry were to be lost, stolen, or damaged.

View your instappraise appraisal.

Insurance & Care Plans

We recommend that you insure your jewelry through Jewelers Mutual Insurance. Jewelers Mutual is a well-trusted and reliable insurance company that works specifically with jewelry. They offer competitive rates with low premiums and cover loss, theft, and damage.

Additionally, Jewelers Mutual Care Plan can be added on all new pieces; both items out of our showcase and our custom pieces. Jewelers Mutual Care Plan covers most repairs, including re-rhodium plating, stone tightening, re-tipping, repairing breaks, and refinishing. Ask us for more details if you have any questions!

Watch Repair

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING WATCH REPAIRS. We are placing a hiatus on watch repairs due to high demand. We will update here when watch repairs resume. Call with questions.

If you are interested in having your watch repaired, we are happy to be a drop-off location for your Cincinnati watch repair needs.

Once you've approved the quote, he will complete the repair and we'll notify you as soon as your watch is back in store and ready for pick up.

Watch repairs typically take anywhere from 3-12 weeks, but can take longer depending on the extent of the repair needed and availability of parts.

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Complimentary Jewelry Cleaning

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If you aren’t sure if it needs any work done on it, bring it in anyway; we’d rather you stop in and see us than lose a valuable piece of jewelry! Contactus with any questions: we are always happy to clean and inspect your jewelry for no charge.

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