Are VVS Diamonds Real?

Diamonds are symbols of elegance, love, and endurance. Among the wide variety of diamonds available, the VVS diamonds stand out due to their exceptional clarity and brilliance. However, a common query that emerges among diamond enthusiasts and prospective buyers is, "Are VVS Diamonds Real?" At Kirk & Company Jewelers, we aim to demystify this topic and shed light on the authenticity and value of VVS diamonds.

Understanding Diamond Grading

The allure and value of a diamond are significantly influenced by the Four C's: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. Among these, Clarity plays a pivotal role in determining a diamond's worth and beauty.

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS)

The grading continues through to the Included (I) categories.

What Exactly Are VVS Diamonds?

VVS or Very, Very Slightly Included diamonds are those that have minute inclusions that are difficult to detect even under 10x magnification.

VVS diamonds are further categorized into VVS1 and VVS2, with VVS1 being the higher grade. Visual comparison of VVS diamonds with other clarity grades reveals a remarkable difference in clarity and brilliance.

Authenticity of VVS Diamonds

Yes, VVS Diamonds are real diamonds. Their high clarity grading is a testimony to their authenticity and value.

  • Certification: Authentic VVS diamonds come with certification detailing their grade and other vital statistics.
  • Verification from Reputable Jewelers: We at Kirk & Company Jewelers provide verification services to ensure the authenticity of your diamond.
  • Other methods: Utilizing a loupe or microscope can further ascertain the clarity and authenticity of VVS diamonds.

Value and Investment

VVS diamonds are highly prized and their value is often considered a worthy investment compared to lower-grade diamonds.

  • Long-term Value Retention: Due to their high clarity, VVS diamonds are likely to retain value over time.
  • Market Demand: The demand for high-clarity diamonds like VVS remains robust in the market.

How to Buy VVS Diamonds

Investing in a VVS diamond requires a well-informed approach to ensure authenticity and value.

  • Asking for Certification: Always ask for a certification when purchasing a VVS diamond.
  • Understanding the Pricing: Knowledge about the pricing tiers of VVS and other diamonds is crucial.
  • Choosing a Reputable Dealer: At Kirk & Company Jewelers, we provide a wide selection of VVS diamonds along with a plethora of other Services like Custom and Repair.


VVS diamonds are indeed real and their exceptional clarity makes them a prized possession among diamond enthusiasts. With the right information and guidance, investing in a VVS diamond can be a rewarding experience.

We invite you to explore the exquisite range of VVS diamonds at Kirk & Company Jewelers. For further inquiries or to Book an appointment today, feel free to contact us for a Free Custom Jewelry Consultation at Kirk & Company Jewelers 117 Main Street Milford, OH 45150 Phone: Text or Call: (513) 575-5475. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in making an informed decision that you'll cherish forever.

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